STS Component Solutions Looks Back and Offers a Glimpse of What Lies Ahead

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As we look back and reflect upon 2014, STS Component Solutions once again can recognize and be proud of the various milestones that we have achieved. These milestones, which we continually achieve year after year, are a direct result of our forward-looking strategy and the ability to capitalize on the pipeline of opportunities that we encounter.

When you look at each of these milestones, there are recurring themes. These themes are driven by global expansion, product diversification and value-driven solutions. Read More!

Tom Covella

Tom Covella acts as President for STS Component Solutions.

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Another Record-Breaking Year Leaves STS AeroStaff Services Primed for 2015

Aviation Jobs by STS AeroStaff Services

Over the past twelve months, STS AeroStaff Services experienced an 11 percent growth in our annual headcount; an accomplishment that is made even more impressive by the fact that 2013 was the year we broke every company record for recruiting. Read More!

TJ Scott

TJ Scott acts as the Vice President of Operations for STS AeroStaff Services. If you would like to reach him for any reason, please send an email to Thanks!

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STS Line Maintenance Gears Up for the New Year

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STS Line Maintenance is coming off an incredible year. All twelve of our Line Stations increased their workload, our company completed numerous WiFi installations across a fleet of commercial aircraft and we also saw tremendous results while working on a prototype retrofit for multiple KC10s. Yet despite these successes, all signs point to an even bigger year for STSLM in 2015. Before we look forward, however, let’s take a step back and review – in detail – some of the major milestones we achieved this past year. Read More!

STS Aviation Group Poised for Continued Expansion

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Is it me, or did 2014 fly by? It seems like only yesterday that we were setting goals for 2013, and yet here we stand, nearly one year later, coming off one of the most successful and exciting periods of growth in our company’s history.

Today, in the pre-dawn hours of 2015, the U.S. economy is growing stronger, the aviation industry continues to solidify its economic viability and STS Aviation Group’s potential for another record-setting year is abundant. But before I get too far ahead of myself, let me take a few moments to circle back and highlight some of the major successes our company experienced in 2014. After all, in order to understand where you’re going, you must first recognize and acknowledge where you’ve been. Read More!

Philip Anson

P.J. Anson is the Chief Executive Officer for STS Aviation Group.

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STS Aviation Group’s Quarterly Newsletter (Q4 — 2014)


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This quarter’s newsletter will take you inside every division of STS Aviation Group and highlight the past year’s achievements. It will also give you a glimpse into what we’re working on in 2015 and introduce you to the newest faces around our offices. Happy reading, everyone, and please do not hesitate to contact our team at any time by calling 1-800-800-2400. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you soon. Read More!

Bryan Shaw

Bryan acts as Group Marketing Manager for STS Aviation. He has a M.A. degree in Journalism, a B.A. in English Literature and years of experience as a content marketing specialist. If you have any questions, or would like to reach Bryan directly, please send an email to Thanks!

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