STS Aviation Group Takes Off For AP&M Europe 2016

From June 1st – 2nd, members of the STS Aviation Group team will be on site during AP&M Europe: The Global MRO Procurement Expo. AP&M has been recognized as the leading networking event for the commercial aviation aftermarket since it first began in 2003, and the entire STS organization is proud to be a part of this year’s conference. Read More!

Taylor Salisbury

Taylor Salisbury is the Executive Assistant / Marketing Coordinator for STS Component Solutions. If you have any questions or comments about her work, she can be reached at --

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STS Expands its Aircraft Engineering Services in Latin America

The expansion of STS Engineering Solutions‘ (STSES) stronghold in Latin America has been both challenging and rewarding. Based on the fact that business potentially follows after establishing a credible / meaningful relationships, STSES started sowing the seed, so to speak, more than two years ago.  Our Business Development (BD) team culminated this necessary relationship upon participating in local Latin American MROs. In addition, understanding our customers’ needs became paramount, and upon receiving our first engineering projects in the region, cost-effective and prompt follow-up service was required at all times. Read More!

Randy Steenholdt

Randy Steenholdt acts as Sr. Vice President for STS Engineering Solutions.

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Technology Gives STS AeroStaff Services the Hiring Advantage

Like it or not, the aviation recruitment landscape has changed. What was once an industry dominated by database searches, outbound calls and traditional marketing techniques has evolved into a fast-paced world where time is money and speed is paramount. Read More!

Rachel Hood

Rachel Hood is the Manager of Technical Recruiting at STS Engineering Solutions. If you'd like to cotnact Racehel directly, her email is...

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MRO Americas Opens New Doors for STS Aviation Group

MRO Americas (1)

MRO Americas 2016 was a huge success, not only for STS Aviation Group but for everyone I had the pleasure of meeting with both during and after the event. Connections were made, relationships were formed and expectations were exceeded. I’m proud to have been in attendance this year, and I’m prouder still of how my team banded together to deliver a very successful show for our company. Read More!

Philip Anson

P.J. Anson is the Chief Executive Officer for STS Aviation Group.

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STS Air-Pro: Re-engineering and the Introduction of Lean Manufacturing

pic 1

When STS acquired the assets of Air-Pro and created STS Air-Pro, we understood that there were opportunities to improve the business. The company had a strong brand name, a highly skilled and dedicated workforce and strong capabilities for the manufacturing of aerospace hoses. One of the biggest opportunities that we recognized, however, was the opportunity to re-engineer the business and implement lean manufacturing principles. Read More!

Tom Covella

Tom Covella acts as President for STS Component Solutions.

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