STS Component Solutions Looks Ahead in 2017

STS Component Solutions Looks Ahead in 2017

As 2016 came to a close, STS Component Solutions ended a very successful year on a high note. Being able to reach sales goals, develop new relationships with valuable OEMs and build upon existing relationships with our customers and OEM partners were all achievements that made the year so amazing! Read More!

Taylor Salisbury

Taylor Salisbury is the Executive Assistant / Marketing Coordinator for STS Component Solutions. If you have any questions or comments about her work, she can be reached at --

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STS Client Services Builds Working Relationships that Matter

BD Article

As the Director of STS Client Services, my job is to make sure our recruitment teams utilize every hiring advantage available in order to meet the needs of our customers. Read More!

Tamsin Brosche

Tamsin Brosche is the Director of Client Services at STS Aviation. If you have questions or comments about her work, please send and email to:

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Cost-Effective Aerospace Engineering Services by STS

Plain and simple, STS Engineering Solutions prides itself in providing prompt, creative, and cost-effective engineering support in lieu of our competition and OEMs.  With a tangible cost-per-minute loss sustained when a commercial aircraft is out of revenue service, time is of the essence.  STS Engineering Solutions has a proven track record of providing 24/7 prompt and creative engineering support to minimize out-of-revenue cost in strict compliance with all Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs). Read More!

Randy Steenholdt

Randy Steenholdt acts as Sr. Vice President for STS Engineering Solutions.

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