STS Aviation Group Helps Veterans Find Work

STS Hires Veterans

Over the years, STS Aviation Group has supported numerous military operations both state side and abroad. Our team has had the pleasure to work closely with military personnel on countless government projects, and we’ve even been able to hire some of them to long-term and permanent positions within the aviation industry after their service careers have ended.

STS’s working experience with military members across every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces has led us to target specific out-processing stations in our recruitment efforts. In some cases, we’ve even established a continual on-ground presence at those centers in an effort to help those ending their active service careers find gainful employment shortly after being discharged.

Through our commitment to recruiting current and exiting military personnel, we’ve been able to unearth a wealth of talented and disciplined employees who continually perform at the highest level.

STS Aviation Group encounters dozens of qualified military veterans every day looking for careers, and many of the civilian companies we compete with are not prepared to take advantage of their unique skill sets and experience.

Some of the prerequisites for candidate qualifications at our competitors’ companies are not designed for those with military backgrounds.  At STS, however, we do things differently.  Rather than shuffle veteran resumes to the back of the hiring pile, we seek out and actively recruit qualified military personnel on a daily basis to fill hundreds of available position throughout the country.  So while our competition fails to utilize uniquely qualified veterans to subsidize their workforce, we embrace and welcome veteran skill sets and help them find long-term, prosperous careers.

At STS Aviation Group, we’re proud of our commitment to help veterans seamlessly transition out of the public and into the private sector. We devote a considerable amount of time and resources in an effort to ensure that those exiting the military have viable careers waiting for them; and these efforts will not cease. After all, we owe these brave men and women our freedom, and the least we can do as the world’s leading aerospace staffing company is to help them parlay their military experience in to rewarding, life-long careers that deliver the sense of self-satisfaction and fulfillment they so rightfully deserve.

Philip Anson

P.J. Anson is the Chief Executive Officer for STS Aviation Group.

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3 thoughts on “STS Aviation Group Helps Veterans Find Work

  1. I am interested in employment with STS. While at Fort Hood, TX; I was transferred from aviation support to training on aircraft. Shortly after the transfer, I was returned to previous unit due to deployment. I was a career “lifer” and since my discharge I am seeking to return to this field. I would like to know more about the company and opportunities available for veterans no new to being discharged.

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