What Kind of “Grunts” Does Your Aviation Staffing Team Have?

STS Aviation Group Hires Veterans

If you have had any exposure to the military, then you’ve probably heard the term “grunt.” To those on the outside, it can have a negative connotation. For those that have served, they will tell you that grunts deserve an immense amount of respect.

As an “Air-winger” in the United States Marines, I looked up to infantrymen (aka “grunts”) with intense admiration. They were the ones engaged in daily combat with the enemy. They were the ones experiencing the grind and sacrifice often associated with accomplishing the mission.

In no way do I want to associate the duties of office work with combat troop action. However, I see many similarities between “grunts” and the “recruiters” who work for staffing companies.

Once the contract has been signed and the customer has placed an order for workforce supplementation, the recruiting team hits the trenches.

At STS Aviation Group, the aviation recruiters we employ work seven days a week to ensure that our customers can place a staffing request at any time. It’s second nature for them to work around the clock because we all come from an aerospace background. Whether it’s an AOG (aircraft on ground) situation or a production deadline that must be met, our recruiters can talk the talk because they have, and will continue to, walk the walk.

Before you choose an aerospace staffing company to support your recruitment processes, make sure to check and see what kind of “grunts” they have. At STS, ours are highly trained specialists whom are both willing and ready to go the extra mile and do whatever it takes to help you and you business fly forward.

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John Snyder

My role as Business Development Manager calls upon me to identify, qualify and secure new customers for our Engineering and AeroStaff divisions. I love aviation, and I love to sell products / services I wholeheartedly believe in. STS allows me to combine those two loves while wearing khaki shorts and flip-flops from the comfort of a gorgeous water-front office. If you have any questions about my work or the services we offer, please feel free to email me at any time: John.Snyder@stsaviationgroup.com

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